Second Eagle

Today, while playing nine holes after work with my wife, I was playing a long, narrow par 5. It was hole #4, and my drive, and second shot, were long and straight, but really never left the ground. I was right at 120 yards from the cup with a slight breeze in my face, and I pulled my sand wedge out of the bag, thinking I would leave it 5 to 7 yards short of the hole, leaving me a nice up hill 2 putt for par. I addressed the ball, went through my pre-shot, and swung away. Instantly, things went into slow motion. I felt myself holding the follow through and wathing the ball go high and straight toward the pin. I heard myself say "be right" as I watched the ball come to the top of it's arch and start tracking down toward the green. It hit the green 3, maybe 4 inches from the cup on the right...a quick, short bounce, a very short roll, and then...the ball dissappeared. My wife says " that did NOT just happen...that was your third shot wasn't it!!". In almost disbelief...I said yeah, and then it set in that it went in. I went crazy! One of my goals was to eagle a par 5...and it just happened. Just over a year ago, I had chipped in for eagle from 20 yards, on a par 4...but this was huge!!!! I guess now my next goal will be to break 80...I keep getting close, but just can't seem to get there. BTW...I finished my 9 holes @ 6 over, because I fell apart on the last 2 holes. But still under bogey, so I'm on the right track!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
teleman teleman
36-40, M
Sep 17, 2010