Golf Golf Golf!!!!! it is, a cool crisp Saturday morning in October in Arkansas. The sky is starting to show signs of life and color, as the sun is making its way toward the eastern horizon. My beloved Arkansas Razorbacks will be taking the field in a few hours, and all seems right with the world...but it's not! All I can think about is getting out to the golf course as soon as the sun is fully up, and my wife is ready. Then spending the day (the whole day) hacking away at the rough, and trying to punch under trees, only to land in the hazard...but I love this game...and I am getting better. My scores aren't reflecting that at the moment, but my swing is really coming along. It's more fluid, and smooth...and I've been making a lot better contact with the ball. So now I work on the control, so I can get the ball in the cup in a reasonable amount of strokes!!!
teleman teleman
36-40, M
Oct 30, 2010