Guess Its Over

My wife and I have been playing golf together for eight of our ten years of marriage. Lately we've decided to start taking our game seriously and all it did was mess our games up Today my wife shot the worst eighteen holes ever and has sincerely decided to never play again. I actually shot decent golf today, an 86, because I decided to start playing for fun again. But I guess its over now. This has been a regular weekly date for us for years, and though I have played without her, I won't feel right playing with her not playing. But I guess I am going out on a high note, my very last shot was a chip-in Birdie!!!
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1 Response Sep 13, 2009

I think we've all experienced this sooner or later. The more serious you take your game, the worse you score. Even though I know and understand this principle, I still struggle with it every time I play. I usually start of with a good 1st hole, think I'm going to have a good game, get serious, and the game goes down hill from there. By the turn at 9, I'm ready to quit, but rather than quit, I say to myself "I don't care anymore" and all of a sudden the game improves. By 12 i'm having fun again, and I often end up with a birdie on at least one of 16-18 that makes me say "I guess I won't quit after all!".<br />
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The only thing that makes it worse is when my wife looks at the scorecard and tells me I'm having a good game. Then the wheels fall off!<br />
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It's a universal truth of non-pros. Tell your wife to not even look at the scorecard, just enjoy being outdoors, with you, and away from the TV, phone, and confusion of life.<br />
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