Oh !?#@, Im Getting Worse!!!!

Over the summer, I actually started shooting in the low eighties and was somewhat happy with that. My shots were going where I wanted them for the most part, and I felt really comfortable with my swing...then I started watching Golf Channel!!! Although I love watching, they give so many hints and tips (that you just have to try) that I don't think I even have a swing anymore. I haven't shot under 95 since mid to late July, maybe early August. The only parts of my game that I have left are my fairway woods (great if your on a looooooooooong par 5) and some times, my pitching wedge. I would like to blame The Golf Channel, but I can't, I tried the tips to try to get better, and lost my game in the process
teleman teleman
36-40, M
Oct 12, 2009