My Piano Recital

Every year the first sunday in May, my piano teacher puts on a recital for all the parents, I have done this for 9 years and I really didn't want to do it this year but it means a lot to my mom and teacher so somehow I just got wrangled into doing it.
Now I am not one to brag much about my muscial ability but I am pretty good, I passed 8th grade level years ago, so it hards for me to sit there for 2 and a half hours and listen to 30 kids play who are at preschool level, there are a few older kids who are a little better but they still are only 2nd gradel and it is also hard because I know all the songs they are playing by heart, so its not like I even get to hear anything different.

I have been playing since I was 8, so I have been doing these rectials for almost ten years but I still get nervous, I had been practicing my pieces for months but whenever I have to go out alone in front of people I get worried I will mess up.
I was glad that my parents made it back to see my play, my grandparents and brothers also showed up too so that was nice of them.

My sister Erica is turning into a good prankster so borrowed my remote control rat and had some fun terrorizing eveyone while they were all finding seats and getting settled. It did make me feel a little better when everyone was freaking out and screaming.

My teacher does  piano, and organ music and she also teaches people how to sing, so there was this boy Conner, I have know the family for a long time but don't really talk to them much, anyway he sang "The Sound of Music", that was interesting, he could have sang out more and that would have sounded better but when ever you choose a beloved classic song no matter how bad you sing it everyone will think it is so precious,most of the audience was singing along with him so I guess they liked it, one kinda weird feature about Conner is he already has a pretty good mustache started..............and he is 11.

Then two cute little girl, I think they are ages 6-8, sang 'Lord I Lift Your Name on High" and "Baa Baa Black Sheep" that was adorable lol.

Then comes the Brian family, its a brother and sister team, who play and sing together (not really sure if they like it or if their parents just make them) they think its a competition and the kids are kinda stuck up so I don't really talk to them, they can both play good, but they don't put any heart or passion behind the music, there is more to it than just hitting the notes in the right order. The boy is around 14 and the girl is 11, so he played and she sang " The Winner Takes it All", she has a nice voice just really deep for a 11 year old, and I don't know about anyone else but I would feel kinda awkward doing a love duet with my brother.

I was last so I played after them, my teacher introduced me as "................the best student I have," I hate it when she does that, I stepped up on the little platform and took a seat at the piano, I took a deep breath and tried to stop shaking so so much but I was nervous, but I eventually got it together enough to begin playing "Sonata in A major K331 1st movement" (Mozart), that was probably the easiest song I had but it took me a while before I could relax and just play, I wasn't using any notes because its too hard to try and turn the pages, so I just had to wing it. That was probably the longest 11 minutes of my life lol.
My next piece was 'Nocturne op. 9 no. 2" (Chopin), this one is slightly harder and I messed up a little at the beginning, I went into panic mode a little for what seemed like minutes but was only a few seconds because I asked later and no one noticed I messed up, I was  determined not to mess up again so I relaxed and just played the best I could.

The last piece I had was "Fantasiestucke, op.12 Traumes Wirren (Schumann) this one is faster and doesn't really match the other ones but  I like it because I speeds up and slows down and ends with a bang lol. I would say I probably played this one the best, I blocked out the audience and just got into the "piano zone" lol. Almost as soon as my fingers came off the keys from the last notes, everyone stood up and started clapping really loud. At first I was like what are they all making so much noise about, but then I realized oh I guess they are cheering for me, I got up smiled at the crowd did a little curtsy and hurried back to my seat, everyone was clapping expect the parents of the brother and sister team who were red in the face, I guess they were mad I got a bigger applaud than their kids did.
Hmmm but now that I think about it was everyone really cheering for me or were they just glad it was done so they could all go home ha ha.

My teacher stood up and said a few words about how proud she was of all of us and she gets so emotional through all this, so then eveyone clapped for her because she is such a great teacher:)

When it was offically done everyone headed straight for the refreshment tables, I got some punch and a cupcake, then me and a few friends of mine got up by the piano just messed around by playing goofy songs like "The Entertainer" (Joplin), "Camp Town Race" because the Kentucky derby ran this weekend, and "William Tell Overture" (Rossini) ha ha, it was fun though.

So I survived my recital and hopefully I won't have to do this again for another year, if ever, but maybe me and Erica can do a duet or something next year ha ha ha.

bullgirl104 bullgirl104
18-21, F
May 8, 2012