The Greatest Hand Of Poker I've Ever Experienced.

I was watching an old episode of Poker Superstars on tv the other day and it reminded me of this one hand.  Once in a while I get together with some friends and colleagues for a game of poker.  It doesn't happen too often as the stakes can get quite high and I am but a poor man looking for extra money.

Now this was just a few guys playing poker, but the way i tell it, (the way I write it) reads way more dramatic, it just makes a better story that way.

It was six handed play and we just played until we were broke or rich. My best friend and I were always very competitive when it came to poker, and this was before I truly understood the dynamics of poker of laying down a decent hand.  I used to bluff all the time and it bit me in the *** more than a few times, and lost me quite a bit of money.  This one day we were quite even, both of us were up for the evening, my wealth made up of bluffing my way to big pots and annoying all my friends in the process. 

I started the hand with KQ clubs a decent hand I believed I raised, like I always did on any potential flush cards (notice I said did, i don't do this anymore).  Mark had his poker face on, which i could never read, but I knew he had two decent cards when he re-raised me.  Everyone else must have known something I didn't because they had all folded (this was my naivety, I was a poker fish at the time).

The flop came and it was J clubs A hearts 7 diamonds.  No pairs, but I had one for my flush, so I was hooked in.  I raised £5.  Mark raised me £50.  I was up in cash and feeling reckless so I called.  The turn was 10 clubs, another one of my flush cards, I knew I was not  getting out of the hand now.  I would regret it too much.  I raised £50 and he pushed all in £820 I would be all in and out of the game but I had a feeling and I called.  I knew he had an ace, but I put him on 2 pairs. He had a smirk on his face and showed me his aces, he had trip aces already and was ahead  but I still had a feeling that last club would come. The river was A clubs and it took me a few seconds to realise what happened.  Mark had began jumping for joy and shouting QUAD ACES BABY!!!!!!!! I was still figuring it out, and felt quite stupid, but I just sat there with a smile emerging across my face.  How was I gonna play this.  i waited for Mark to calm down and then asked him to look at the cards again.  His face was a picture.  He may have had quad aces, but his card was also my card as that A gave me not just a flush but a royal flush.

I have since looked and apparently the odds of getting this scenario is 1 in a billion, so imagine my surprise when I saw that it occured at the World Series of Poker only a couple of years ago.  I went home richer that night.  And I don't think Mark looks at pocket aces in the same way.
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4 Responses Jul 12, 2010

Aces can get cracked, as it happens to me a lot, but that's poker.

Some days I feel like a nut, somedays I am. I always raise preflop with two high cards and just pray. should I raise when junk cards hit the flop??

Have seem that hand in the word series and I hope the lad with the royal flush cashed so he could buy a decent shirt instead of that vest lol

That was a good story nice pot too