Cant Live Without It

i love soccer i could necer live without it. it is my life. i have played soccer since i was 4. i have loved it ever since. i was scouted for an indoor team when i was four they said i have a natural talent when it comes to soccer. bt unfourtnaletly i was to young so i had to wait until next year. so after a few years past when i was 6 i was playing all year round.summer through winter. but as i got older i learned that soccer wasnt as popular as it was when i was little, the worst of it was when people who have never even played the sport or seen go " that sport sucks" or " i can do that easily" it is just so aggrivating. if u think so comment yes or no.
charlesdd charlesdd
13-15, F
1 Response Apr 17, 2012

yes it's annoying to knowthat when you've been playing for such a long time and pushed yourself to the max and someone who's out of shape and knows nothing says "I could easily beat you" heh and I've provedso many of those people wrong. I'm actually 14, well 14 as of today. I think it's been yep 10 years now I guess XD