My First Fight Of The Year...

The school year was almost over. I had been trying my hardest not to fight. Telling people I wasn't afraid. Which I really wasn't, There's a differance between being able to get beat up and being afraid. A big differant. Anyway, a kid bumped into me in the hallway. And it just had to be that one certain kid who I'd fought with three times before years ago. We still argued.

Anyway, he told me to watch where I was going or he would knock my a$$ to the ground.

I told him yeah right, because, and I quote, "I've kicked your a$$ three times already, so I'm not scared."

He wanted to impress his friends I guess because the next thing I knew, he was throwing a punch. Now since I know defensive skills, I easily dodges his fist. I gave him one last chance, as I was taught, to stop before he got hurt.

Of course... he ignored me.  He tried to kick me but I grabb his leg and threw him back against the locker. He through another swing at me and I blocked it and hit him in the gut. He tackled me into the lockers opposite and the breath left my body.

But I wasn't out so easily.

I elbowed him in the jew and he staggered backwards. I took this chance and raised my leg, slammed it into his stomach, and making him fall back and hitting his shoulder against the locker.

Now by this time my friends and his were there arguing trying to break up the fight. My friends pulled me back and his friends tried to help him up. They had my arms to stop me from continueing to fight him. So the kid I was fighting broke free of his friends and hit me in the mouth.

And at that moment, my friends let go of me. They now wanted me to show this stuck-up airhead why not to mess with me.

I drilled him so fast in the chest he screamed. I tackled him to the floor and after a few seconds was pulled off by the kids and teachers.

The fight was over... so I thought. But this kid just didn't give up. He tried to hit me in the jew but missed by a few inches, giving me the chance to slam my knee into his stomach.

Now it was over. And even his friends told the office it was self defense, as did my friends of course.

I still don't know why my opponent's friends said it wasn't my fault. It couldn't have been because they were scared of me... now could it?

Anyway, that kid ended up moving states away; thank god. I wouldn't have to worry about him anymore. I proved to people I did know how to take care of myself.

But the next day after school I was walking home when three my enemy's friends surrounded me. I knew I could take two of them. But the third was a bit larger than me. They all charged me. I literally rolled to the side, scraping my wrist. But I didn't care because of the adreniline.

And then out of nowhere came one of my friends; one of my rather large, built-up friends.

So anyway, my rather large friend took the largest man who jumped me, while I took the other two smaller ones, who were about my height.
They tried to grab my arms but I kicked one in the stomach and with my now free arm hit the other one square in the jaw. By that time, my rather large friend had one his fight and was dragging the guy out onto the sidewalk.

I was holding off two guys on my own. I was so proud of myself. Then they started blocking some of my hits. And it became harder to block their hits. I realized they were using a double-technique and it seriously ticked me off to know they had taken fighting classes. I didn't know what Iw as going to do. I was dodging and blocking to my max, and they even started getting hits in. I couldn't handle two trained fighters.

I rolled to the side and tackled one to the ground. I rolled over before the other oen could kick me and grabbed his ankle, twisting it fast and fast, causing him to spin and fall. The guy I tackled kicked me in the stomach and I yelped in pain. I kicked him in the thigh and he staggered backwards and fell on his cowardly a$$.

I got up quickly despite the pain in my chest and walked over to the two guys on the ground. I lost all control and beat their sore, bruised bodies with all I could. My rather large friend had to pull me off of them. Luckily no one was seriously injured. But now that I realized I can fight, I might start entering in fighting competitions.

You never know what one could do. And just for the record. This happened when I was in 6th. Heh, and the three I beat up in the ally after school were two 8th graders and a 9th grader. Of course the 9th grade took on my rather large friend. I mean, come on, I'm human, a normal human, not superman.
Scaryzombie Scaryzombie
13-15, M
May 12, 2012