Soccer Saved My Life

Yes, soccer and I are definitely having a hot hot love affair. I was never very good at it in the past because I was small and weak as a youngster... years later I'm on a great team and can score goals! I have many happy memories displace all the bad memories thanks to this wonderful sport. I've gone through some personally tragedies and playing soccer really helped me rise above and deal with unfortunate circumstances. I've met some truly great people out there having fun and made good friends. I still get ants in my pants right before the game starts!

So, once again my life is not going as well as it should and I feel terrible about that. Long story short, I once had the most beautiful girl in the world and she dumped me(I failed to buy her the tickets to Europe she wanted so bad). I lost my job, then found a new one but I'm very unhappy working there and making less money too. I'm not lucky at all with women and am very sad to admit that going without sex for a long time is extremely harsh for me. Basically I'm despondant because I haven't made it to the successful man lifestyle. Nice guys finish last and wealthy a**holes finish first. Doom and gloom... until my only ray of sunshine saves me from despair - dammit I love to play Calcio. At least I have futbol on Sunday despite my numerous fails. Footy never broke my heart, fired me, rejected me for something stupid I said, or ditched me when I needed it the most. Fussball gave me a reason to smile and have fun even when I otherwise felt like the worst loser on a terrible day. I love it when my team mates tell me how well I played. I love to tell other great soccer players how awesome they are too and I had fun playing against them. Scoring a goal makes me feel absolute joy... even if it's only just for a few seconds, it's still worth more than gold. When I go out there to play, I can forget about whatever personal bullsh*t is dragging me down and be a happy kid for awhile. Best of all, I can be myself out there on the soccer field and my team mates don't judge me even on a bad day. Soccer is great to keep the beer gut off and surely some girl out there wants to take home a soccer player!
Anyone else out there feel the same way? Is soccer saving your life too?
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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

oh a mature man with some obstacles in his life i had to hurdle over and sometimes through....nobody ever promised you a rose garden, but be patient and try not to dwell on the loneliness. Keep your eyes and ears open for a different job that you may enjoy better, look within and find what makes you happy daily and apply that passion to a job search, for a job which includes some of that not dwell on the unhappiness, let it is negative a a soccer lover you must have strong and healthy thighs and legs.....when you are on the field or just out kicking it around, discretely watch the people watching will sense the passion of someone who admires and/or is attracted to and turned on by strong legs....hey, it's a start...try focusing on this for awhile...and do not think of it as perverted or disgusting, it is a perfectly normal passion for some people...opening your mind to these other possiblities is a positive and energising distraction to keep you from the depressions and hurt in your heart...let yourself heal.