I Just Started To Play

Hey guys so i want to know a bit about soccor. I have school tryouts tuesday and i fear im not going to make the team. I know very very very simple things like stoping the ball and kicking it with power. I ran cross country last season and thought that this would be a good sport for me. I am on the wider side and when i get in the aggressive mood i will shuve but im scared if i do that at tryouts i will not be picked out be benched. I am in highschool and it is a simple team but it would mean so much to me if i could get in. I would like to know if there is anything i can do to mabey practice before the tryouts. Also are there any tips a person who has been playing for years can give a new person. I want to get ood i want to practice till i can get very good what do i need to practice. My step dad is a soccor coach but me and him dont get alone also anyway you guys can think i can ask for his help without is ending up another battle or fight. Thanks so much

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p.s. thats my user name becuase i want to change im tired of being lazy i want to succeed.
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this is late but wut position are u thinking of playing