"HIGH" On Soccer

as everyone here as exppressed that they love soccer, i 2 love it...no,no im obsessed wit it! my position is goalie and ur probably thinking that the goalie doesnt do any thing, but thats where ur wrong! i happen 2 realize that when the ball passes the defense or the sweeper and no one else is there 2 protect the goal, u have 2 put ur faith in the goalie! im not judging anyone though, im just saying that i love the high u get wen everyones looking 2 u, holding their breath and everything stops! now, sometimes the ball may pass the goalie, but then sometimes wen the goalie saves it, wen i save it, i get that sense ov accomplishment and relief and everyones cheering in the background or the sidelines. i just want 2 say that that is wat i live 4! i live 4 that high!

catcraig catcraig
18-21, F
Oct 5, 2008