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Now, With My Dog

I was lamenting, ok, whining, recently with some friends on here of how I missed playing competitive soccer.  I played in college, which was a long, long time ago.  I coach my daughter and her friends, so I'm still around the game, but I miss playing.  Miss the ball on my feet, taking it away from someone else, making that perfect assist.  I am currently way out of soccer shape, so the thought of even joining a rec league is beyond me.

We've had amazing weather here the past few days, unseasonably warm.  I have a dog, who loves to fetch - would chase the ball until she fell over if I let her.  She has a few beat up soccer balls that we kick and throw to her.  Well, today, I decided to play some soccer with her.  Dribble, put some moves on her - she's tough!  But it was fun.  Not college, but it felt good to sweat and move with the ball.  Plus, my dog was very happy as well.

So thank you to my EP friends who reminded me to enjoy what I am able to do, and just go out and do it!  Play ball!


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*Sylph curtsies to Taken*........... anytime, honey... glad to be of fairy service.......<br />
<br />
The issues??....... No, I'm not injured... they better not hurt me or I'll whack them for sure! There's an obstacle..... I'm trying to get passed it......... the fairy magic does not work too well......... must try different tactic......... ;)

I knew you would come back to it!!! I just knew you would!........ Yay!!!........ I was just thinking... if I can't get you and Bella do belly dancing, I could at least start pushing you girls with something you are more comfortable with....... whoohoo!!!<br />
<br />
I must post my story, too........ but there are issues involve with my soccer playing right now....... we'll see....... love this!!!<br />
<br />
*Sylph juggles ball... positioned leg, ankle, and knee... and whoosh........ passes the ball to Taken*

Sounds like fun Taken...<br />
<br />
Now should we have an EP soccer match ? LOL