Softball Is My Life My Love and My Passion

I love softball. I started playing three years ago. That was my first year catching and I was only 11 but I was really good for being such a young catcher. I cought for my best friend her nme was Kenzie. She was and still is an amazing pitcher for only being 12 almost 13. She can be crazy and kooky all the times I still love her. Her dad was my very first coach and I love him he is a very good coach and tought me a lot. Then my second yearof softball. I didnt have the same couch but good ones they were stella's and lexi's dads. They are a year younger than me but they are like my bestfriends. They are both pitchers and I cought for both. Once I got hit smack dap in he forhead. It hurt really bad but I kept on playing. This summer season I hated because we palyed with girls that were a grade ahead of it and they got all the playing time and I hated my coach he was a big dumb head but o well. Then there was the amazing school season I loved it cuz we had 7th and 8th grader games and this summer season im the full time catcher and its going to be so much fun yes

snyder95 snyder95
13-15, F
Mar 11, 2009