My Favorite Game

I remember seeing commercials a long time ago for the first Sims game and thought it sounded and looked pretty cool. Then I started hearing about the Sims 2 coming out and stuff and that it was better than the first. I bought a laptop last year and with it I decided to buy The Sims 2. I instantly became addicted to it. I also have tried the first game but I do like the second one better. I love that you can create sims with such great detail, they look almost real. I download a lot of custom content for my game, though, because I didn’t like the clothing that originally came with the game. You can build entire neighborhoods and the more expansions you have the more there is to do. I own all of the expansion packs, except for Seasons. I’ll be getting that as soon as it comes out for Mac (June!). I can’t wait. I also read that they are finally releasing the stuff packs for mac too. Those should be awesome.
dreamer27 dreamer27
26-30, F
May 15, 2007