I Am Addicted!!!

Playing the Sims 2 is what I do when I'm not on the Experience Project, or writing my graduate thesis paper. I played the Sims 2 when it first came out, but then I stopped for like a year, and now I'm addicted again. Except this time, I've discovered so much more! Like, I just figured out how to have an alien baby, and if you have the Pets expansion pack, your sim can be a werewolf! I haven't found the feature that allows your sim to be a vampire, I'm guessing that's probably on the Nightlife expansion pack that I don't have yet. If I weren't completely broke and saving for a road trip in a few weeks, the next expansion pack I would buy is Open for Business.. Actually, if anyone reading this has played that, let me know which expansion pack I should buy next. I have Pets and University.
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5 Responses Jul 30, 2007

I would recommend utilizing the truest and most noble form of marketing, peer2peer. Download all 3 expansions, try them for a bit, then buy the one that you like best and delete the others from your system. This will of course screw up your saved games, follow the directions on the expansion pack to back up your saved games. Have fun! I downloaded then bought all 3 myself, and have a ton and a half of downloaded content as well, from a monster truck to the inSIMenator. Have fun!

I hadn't even considered Seasons 'cause I didn't really know anything about it, but after looking it up, I might definitely have to get that one next. Looks fun. Wish I could just get them all right now!!

I'd choose Nightlife over Open For Business, as well, but, honestly, Seasons is awesome. I think it's probably my favorite one after Pets.

I have Nightlife and Open for Business, but my University one broke.. =[ I'd choose Nightlife over Open for Business.

Say, what is Pets like?? :D