I Lovee Sims!

i created a neighborhood with this family thta i kept adding to. now im on the seventh or eigth generation. its kind of fun/ it sarted with my own hosue hold but hten i had kids who had kids who had kids & the story goes on. my favorite family rite now is really rich (cheat code.. dont worry i dont use it all the time. sometimes i get the parents 2 the top of their carreers so dont think im lazy). but anyways i have the seasons expansion pack so i can have the green people. i had a green person from another household movie in witht eh rich ones & she lives in the greenhouse outside int eh yard & tends the yard & plants & she sells them fo rhte parents money. to spice things up i made her have an affair with the husband, her moms having an affair with the husband, hes having a baby with his wife & im getting him witht he maid & the wifes best friend. i dont approve of this. actually i hate ppl who cheat but it gives me sumthing to do !
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hah it is fun. but times goes so fast when i play. ill start at 12 then i look @ the clock & its 5:00