I download all kinds of crap for my Sims... I have default replacements and more for nearly everything with more realistic skintones, eyes, makeup... when I play I'm always in debug mode so I can keep my Sims in tip-top mood and they can do nearly anything in a shorter amount of time. Right now I don't have any legacy families because I just installed the game on my laptop (it was on my mom's PC before) and have been downloading content like crazy. I think it's so much fun! Even my husband, who says he can't find the appeal in playing God, finds it thoroughly amusing... especially when the Simlish actually sounds like phrases.
Christabel Christabel
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3 Responses Aug 20, 2007

Ha, hilarious! My friends and I actually go so far as to use Simlish with each other...it is a riot. I love the game, quite frankly I go gaga over it and as soon as I discovered all the furniture sets and skins I was a goner!! When I first got the game, I would spend almost 8 hours a day playing it, while my roommates and boyfriend grew ever-increasingly concerned....my boyfriend said once, jokingly, "would you be offended if I told you that your hygiene meter was getting a bit low?" haha....so naturally, I took a shower. I don't play the game as much anymore, but it is still entertaining.

I have previously used Helaene's work, though not as default replacements- there is a huge community of awesome custom content creators who do similar work called modthesims2.com... and anyway Helaene's site is on hiatus for now, so you can only download her stuff she has on modthesims2. I hope it will come back up soon.

Can you still get Helane default skin replacements? And eyes as well? Otherwise you're left with silly Maxis skins that give them a cartoony look. Helane skins always gave them that human look. <br />
I'm hoping to finally get a new computer on thursday since my laptop died (Coffee spillage), so I'll be getting the new expansion and stuff packs (Last I got was pets...so long ago.) <br />
Playing God rules, I never use cheats, I’ve managed to get a legacy to generation 9…before the great coffee disaster.