...but the P C Is In the Other Room

omigosh, i had forgotten how much i love playing the Wii....!

~Wii Sport:  i am best at the ten-pin bowling (which does not necessarily mean i am good at it)

~Wii Play:    i can't make that bull thingy stay on the course


         ...the most fun thing i have done with it is make a 'right-        hand-me' and a 'left-hand-me'


                               a win-win situation  

gwyrddair gwyrddair
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4 Responses Feb 17, 2009

No more putting yourself down on here, missus! Hey, i've just worked out how to connect my Wii to the net...

I know i'm outta shape, my arms hurt the next day...<br />
Flabby arms need to get into shape!

Ha! You can try, missus! ;) xxx

I'll beat you in Wii bowling!!!<br />