I like my Wii but I haven't played in so long. I'm either not at home, too tired, someone else is playing, or the TV is in use. It's still fun though. Maybe this weekend I'll have time to play. :) I like Mario Kart, Wii Sports, Super Paper Mario, and all the other Mario games. 

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I like Paper Mario 2 <br />
<br />
<br />
Twilight Princess is awsome i beat it once<br />
( Going to beat paper mario 2 a second time)

Stupid cousins... just as annoying as younger siblings.

In any case, stupidity may or may not be the cause of it (I'm going to go with that one). My aunt is a lot like your parents when it comes to video games. She lets them play, but she has no idea what the hell they're doing.<br />
<br />
Good riddance :P

Hahaha... This raises so many questions. Like... Is your name engraved front and center? Did he put those pictures up to spite him? Do his friends think his name is Z?<br />
<br />
Oh, yes.

He posted pictures on his myspace with him playing it. No, he didn't lose it. He's just completely ******* stupid. Especially since my NAME IS ENGRAVED ON THE BLOODY THING.<br />
<br />
Did she at least receive ample scolding?

Hopefully your cousin didn't lose it, eh?<br />
<br />
Ha... Well, she cried. So she was either scared, felt bad, or trying to get out of trouble. Or maybe all three. Or a combination of two. Who knows?

There are currently plans for when my sister and mother are off visiting them next weekend to steal it back.<br />
<br />
Oh ho ho. I'm sure your fury was enough to scare the little **** out of her long-underwear (because you live in the ******-weather-Capital-State of the US).

That sucks. I was picking up my cousin's bag to help carry it to the car when my DS, some books, and some other random things from my room fell out. Thief. My parents aren't quite sure what a DS is yet. My dad: "So... you can play games on that? Video games? No kidding..."

Dude, seriously, get on that ****. Ocarina of Time was brilliant.<br />
<br />
I'll be doing some major bitchslapping when next I see that little bastard (I was at work, my sister was at school, my mom doesn't know any better, and they were on their way to the airport).

The last zelda game I played was on NES....

Ha, my cousin tried to steal mine... with both of those games. :P I totally smacked her upside the head and took it back. Now it has a giant crack on the front but whatever.

******* yeah. That game was ******* badass. It's really too bad my little cousin stole my DS (which contained both Minish Cap and Super Mario DS). Fuckity hell.

Have either of you ever played Minish Cap for gba? The ending for that one takes hours, good god. It's so worth it though. That would be my favorite second favorite Zelda game.

Aww, that's no fun if you didn't actually experience it with YOUR awesomely-named Link.One of these days I'll have to actually play all of the Paper Mario games.

It's so frustrationg because it seems like the ending never comes....

I watched the ending twice when both of my sisters beat the game...

Now that is ******* annoying. ******* powergrids screwing over a perfect game. The ending's pretty epic.

I need to finish it at some point. Maybe when I stop being angry at it...

Twilight princess was awesome!

Gamecube. I bought Twilight before I had the Wii... This is the game I have not finished yet. The stupid power went out before I could save after I did a whole bunch of stuff. I was so mad, I couldn't look at the game. I GOT SO FAR. I have yet to try again...

And another to type it, no less :P<br />
<br />
Did you play Twilight Princess on the Wii or Gamecube? (though I have a feeling we've had this conversation before).

I even like what's it... That game. Mario Party. God, it took me a whole three seconds to remember the name.

Mario Galaxies makes me nerdgasm. It's so ******* amazing.