Legos Are The Best!

So by now I've realized that at least a third of my paycheck will usually be spent buying these wonderful plastic toys I've come to cherish over the years. For once, a toy with the tagline "the possibilities are endless" is pretty much spot on! With each season that passes, the Lego Company never fails to release some new line or theme of sets (I'm looking at you Lone Ranger stuff) that is sure to make it's way into my home at one point or another.

The funniest part about my whole Lego fixation is that people either think one of two things, well maybe three: 1. I have a serious problem (and to these people I build a giant middle finger of said Legos). 2. I never grew up (and the problem is...?). or my personal favorite 3. It's absolutely adorable. I have a handful of friends both male and female that love to follow me onto the Lego aisle of a store and just watch me go from set to set like a kid in a candy store... Oh Legos... You never fail to amuse me.
scrtasnman13 scrtasnman13
22-25, M
Jan 17, 2013