Self Abuse

I love manipulating and abusing my own nipples: pulling, twisting, poking, or simply stroking them. I often do it absentmindedly, and wonder if I'd done it when others could see. My nipples are big, and even a padded bra doesn't do anything to conceal them. When I was younger, they'd smooth out when I was warm and not horny, but lately, they are always hard and nub-like, so they are really do poke out constantly. Mostly, I had to change my attitude toward them before I could really embrace the fun of my nipples!

And when I think no one is looking, I will thumb my nipples through my clothing. I do love how they feel on my fingers through the constricting fabric, as they get harder and bigger. And maybe I'll do it if someone is watching, too. ;)
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curlycherry, i like to imagine how distorted my nipples get when they're being abused properly ... grotesque and beautiful!

you have to buy for your nipples rubber O-rings and leave them on under your clohes

hommax, can't do that; circulation is cut off and what if i lost the nipples because of that? plus, the effect is not permanent, even with 'training.' i've tried it lol.

I love to play with my nipples so much fun.

csantona, me playing with my nipples feels different from others playing with my nipples. i get more fun out of feeling it in my fingers. what a great texture!

I so agree with you. My nipples are hard nearly all the time and I can't stop playing with them. Even writing this my left hand is inside my bra pulling on my left nipple and rolling it between my finger and thumb. This one is smaller than the right one but is almost as sensitive. It is the underneath bit of both nipples which is so lovely to play with and nearly drives me over the edge. My right one is very erect right now without even being touched and I need to pull it out and make it longer so that I can rub the end which is a bit itchy at the yours ever get itchy and you have to pull them and rub them to get relief. Tell us more about how you play with them.

peaky, absolutely true! since i have a full and busy "normal" life, and the abuse on weekends is pretty severe, i am happy for the inbetween healing time available. though i get sad when the nipples unswell back down to their normal size. however, they seem to be getting a tiny bit bigger over longer cycles of time -- so it's worth the weekly nipple abuse schedule!

point of impact and are good St getting to places which the paddle can't?

peaky, you must do them hard! i do prefer help in getting them to that state. i think you're lucky to be satisfied on your own!

chopitulas, they were so abused over the weekends, they hurt and sting with any contact. had to buy a bra a half-size larger made of sculpted foam, so that my nipples didn't touch much but air in a bra ... or i wouldn't have been able to go outside today!

Love to see how long they get when pulled! And how big they are hard to the tips... YUM!!!!!

bbfan, true *** men might be more into nipples, do you think? or into the bulgy bits?

comebacksoon, watch me! watch me!

Im watching now will you rub your nipples for me ?

breezeway, how right you are -- but there is nothing better than being cupped from behind, nipples crushed between his fingers ... and i'll *** almost instantly, sometimes just thinking about it is enough!

breezeway, i have been told by men, "that's beautiful, don't hide it!" but i guess our reflex is to pretend we're NOT playing with our nipples. because if we weren't shy about it, men would be helpless lol.

specialtoonebody, mine no longer go down enough to not interrupt conversations ... and good for you on the piercings! i'm too chicken to do mine, and my men don't want to chip their teeth lol.

mrmeauggie, why would you want to keep yourself off those loud nipples??

todaroof, not saying she was an airhead, but that the perception is "airhead" when there are breasts and nipples involved. and i'll bet she uses it, too!

vaqicita, and you milk them too?

milkman, stretchy nipples are so beautiful! i love the look of my nipples post-abuse, and i think seeing nipples poking behind a shirt is really erotic.

kakdrukker, me too!

I love playing with my nipples too. And, I do inflict my good share of abuse on them ;)

Wow, I love big hard nipples. I watch and watch.

todaroof, i wonder why it is that there aren't more female sales people in male-dominated industries? probably because men assume such women are airheads ... but you're right, i can take advantage of men who are seduced by the mere sight of protruding nipples, in a variety of ways!

mrclockwork, i'm not actually sure. i tend to do it absentmindedly. but there are times that i realize i'm getting too horny, and have to stop!