All The Time...

I constantly find myself playing with my nipples, sometimes without realizing it. While just watching tv or reading, I start flicking them with my thumbs. Sometimes at work, sitting at my desk in the front office, I slip my hand inside the top of my shirt and find my way into my bra and start pinching, tugging, flicking, pulling, twisting... It all feels so good and makes me so wet. I get so excited sometimes that I have to excuse myself to the bathroom to finish off and freshen up.
EliseB EliseB
22-25, F
8 Responses Jan 22, 2013

Marry me! ;) lol

wish I worked with you!


Wow, thanks for sharing Elise, thats wonderful :-)

Id love to tweek pinch pull twist and suckle on your thick stiff nipples and areolas baby ! mmmmmmmmm

Can I see them?

I'm a huge fan of big nipples! Even better if they are coupled with large areolas. Do you enjoy others playing with your nipples? I would appreciate it if you would consider friending me. I would love to see your photos. Thanks for the story!

Love to see them