Oh The Humanity Of Playing With Big Nipples

Nothing better then pumping up my nipples really large, I am talking 1 to 1 1/4" long, and 3/4 to 1" thick, and then having them played, sucked, bit, pinched, pulled, and twisted.  Makes me hot just thinking about it.  The pleasure I get can make me almost ***, even without helping my manhood.  Wish I could find someone close, either female or male, that liked mutual play, that would be the ultimate time.

maximaa250 maximaa250
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5 Responses Feb 10, 2010


And I'd sure love to play with your long ones, suck them while I feel your ****.

Right with all this all the way. I've been tweeking and pulling mine all evening, every night.

Cupping sets are great for thickness because the cups are wider and the wider it is from edge of the nipple the more of the nipple and areola gets pulled in by the suction. My snake bite kits are not even wide enough now, so I have went to the cupping sets with wider cups, plus, you can see the nipple getting bigger which is really a turn on. You can get the cupping sets that don't cost a fortune either, but give you a great pump. Of course, a good sucking and teasing session after is phenomenal.