I Had A Poopfest

On a Thursday a while back, I treated myself to the dirtiest, sloppiest, smelliest poopiest afternoon ever.

I had 3 dumps saved up from Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I stored them in double bagged in Gladlock bags. This was going to be decadent!

So I left the shower running hot and left the gladlock bags in the tub to get warmed up in the hot water. I don't want cold poop now do I? I go and watch Sweet Dreams ***** while I wait. I drain the tub, get in, lay on my back and **** all the **** over myself. Now I'm all ready. I don't want to gt any old **** in my mouth because I'm worried about the health risk of that. Good thing I have a fourth bowel movement waiting to come out. I **** right into my hand. I bring it to my face and smell the warm fumes. I sink my tongue into the pile. I rub my nose in it and get it all over my cheeks. I stuff my mouth with my ****

Now for the smearing. I go for the bags and smear the **** all over my front. I cover my chest and my belly and legs and arms. Warm and moist and sticky and squishy. I started to squeeze it in big handfuls and enjoy the sight & feel of it oozing out between my fingers as I squish it.

Oh, and I almost forgot, I grabbed a carrot to use as a ***** in a pinch and used that on my ***. Felt interesting. I think I'd like to try ******* sex someday.

So now me and the tub are covered in a thick layer of brown, I'm loving the feel of **** sliding all over me so much, I take handfuls of poop and work it into my thighs and knees and armpits to feel the sliding on my skin even more. Then I finally go for my **** and balls. I only last 10 seconds before I come. When **** is this good, it's hard to last longer. Whew, that was amazing.

I was concerned about the smell, but it didn't bother me much at all. It took me 2 hours of cleaning and scrubbing, but I finally got the smell off the bathroom and me. i loved having that much poop to play with. The whole time I was chewing on my fresh ****. I loved it, but that was a lot of work to deoderize everything and a lot of preperation. I need to know I will have he place to myself alone for quite a while.
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2 Responses Aug 13, 2010

hehe sounds brilliant :D x

That story was so friggin' HOT !!!! I actually came while reading it !