I Do Everything With It

I started experimenting with **** when I was twelve. At the time, I only tried throwing my legs over my shoulders and ******* right into my mouth. Later, I learned the more efficient way of using a cup to recycle. I have a pic of me ******* in my mouth which I will post with this when I find it.

Since that time, I have learned to drink from others' taps (though, unfortunately, not from female yet) without spilling a drop. I also enjoy ******* my clothes in warm weather, often while walking outdoors, and "marking territory". Furthermore, I never use a toilet to **** in unless "sitting on the throne".

Now, I go out on my deck to ****. Sometimes I **** on my feet (I have some pics of that activity too), but most often I use a plastic tube with one end sealed to **** in, then throw the **** over the rail onto the grass. Pissed feet feel so good!

How many of you have pissed yourself in public places, such as a store or restaurant? I have, and do. Or I **** on the pump nozzle when I get fuel.

Water sports is a wonderful addition to sex. I used to have a waterbed and have had guys spend the night with me and we **** on one another all night. Don't try that with a conventional bed though as the **** will get cold and feel uncomfortable, or may be impossible to get out of the mattress.

I once was with a guy who could **** up my ***. Boy, did that ever feel nice!

If you read my stories about going barefoot, you can see I'm a really different individual.

NakedDriver NakedDriver
56-60, M
Mar 6, 2010