Wow Powerleveling Service

Hello Boys & Girls! I am reaching out to those who plays World of Warcraft and doesn't like leveling that much. The ones who just wants to enjoy the endgame PvP and PvE. I have played wow over 4 years now and i have very much experience in leveling, goldfarming and PvP. I have had 3k rated Arena teams (2v2 & 3v3), and over the time ive had nearly every legendary and over 3m gold on a single account. So for you i can basically do anything you want on your wow account. Leveling, PvE, PvP, Proffesion, Goldfarm, etc. If you wonder why i want to do this and worry if im going to scam you; Yes, you should be afraid because every guy can say he wants to powerlevel you and then just simply take your account. But no i dont really want that, i love playing wow and i really need money as of now. I recently got kicked out of school and i want to do this because i can do it fast and effectively and there can be good money in it if i build up a good reputation. So if you want to try it out and dont feel like using countless hours in farming it yourself, then give me a PM. :)
WoWPowerlvler WoWPowerlvler
18-21, M
Jan 22, 2013