I Get Pleasure From Giving It

When I was young it was really important for me to ***, to have women pleasure me. But when my trans side came out and I started playing with men it all changed.
I don't really get turned on by having a male mouth on my ****, the visual isn't good for me, and I don't really like ******* with someone else, it lessens my desires and takes off the edge that I really like.
My main thing is to give someone else pleasure, to take their ***** in my mouth and make oral love to them, stroking them with my tongue and lips and making them moan with pleasure. And I love the final few minutes when I know he's going to *** soon and I work towards that however they like, and when they *** in my mouth I feel warm all over as the taste hits me and the *** slides down my throat towards my belly.
And that feeling stays with me for awhile because I haven't *** myself and I'm immediately ready to pleasure someone else to ****** and have that warm feeling envelop me again.
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1 Response Sep 14, 2012

I know your pleasure baby.