Sweet & Simple

the way you undress me and sit me down on the bed, running your fingers through my hair. carressing my breasts, and teasing my nipples. the feeling that is flowing through my body is almost unbareable. to the point where i didnt care what you did to me, how you did it, or where. knowing that i just wanted you. as you place me on the floor on my knees, you pull your pants down and sit. your hard throbing **** in your left hand, your right pulling me in closer by the back of my neck. you part my lips with your throbbing ****. forcing all of it down my throat. as i start to gag and gasp for air you pull out and push back in, barely letting me catch a breath. suddenly you pull me up and sit me on your lap, you pull my panties down and off and spread my legs and start to play with my ****. beging you to let me ***, you refuse to let me be satisfied so soon. suddenly you pick me up and toss me on the bed and jump right on top of me, starting from the neck you start to kiss me all the way down. bitting and nibbling as you go. until you reach my *****. moving slower and slower until you reach my lips. you invade my insides with your tounge, pushing in deeper and deeper you start to feel me wanting to ***. " you have to ask permission" you say to me as i begin to moan louder and louder. as i start to beg you to *** you climb on top and begin to **** my face. holding my mouth open for your thick ****, gasping for air i feel your warm *** run down my throat as you give my mouth one last thrust you pull and make me lick you clean. when im finished you pull me up to sit in between your legs, and you start playing with my swollen wet ****. moving your fingers up and down my slit, spreading my juices everywhere you shove two of your fingers in my mouth to make me taste myself. then you continue back to rubbing my *****, as my breathing becomes heavier and my moaing becomes louder, im finally able to ask you if i may *** for you. and when you finally say yes, you being to rub my **** faster until i start to squirt all over your hand. when im finally i finished you ask me to lick your hand clean of my juices, and greatfully i comply. when im done you pull me closer to you and i lay my head on your chest, you start to stroke through my hair as i fall asleep.....
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very nice ... great story

dam baby we write a lot a like.only i would of made u wait longer to ***.an when i did let u *** it would be with me sucking ur **** and me rubbing ur g-spot an i would make u ****** multiple times.on my tongue and fingers,before i slide my hard **** beep inside u.i get so very horny when i smoke the icky sticky.plus i like to be dom in sex and erotica.sounds like u like to be submissive.lets chat and see what wild things we can do to each other


You are a goddess!! So erotic!

Honey, You sure know how to thrill this old man's heart!! Thank you!

Did you type this one handed? Were you touching yourself as you wrote it? I think so! What a beautiful story

soo erotic !

i read the Kush story this this is the way i would treat you as my little pet weed. Two cots would be strapped together with a metal pipe ******* out at one and btaced at the bottom so it will not tip over. your ankles are tied the the side so both holes are accesable and your hand are placed in hand cuffs wrapped around the metal post. there is a three chamber bong fillet with 50/50 high tower purple haze and a lighter for you to use, hanging down from the metal post is a hose that leads to a 5 gallon tank filled with cap'n coke.

Baby, that was really hot !!! I got so aroused as I read it and would so love to be the guy who does all of that with you. I just love lots of foreplay like that and would treat you really gentle until you said 'give it to me hard' - then I would do just that !! One thing though, - I would love you to spurt your cuntjuice right into my mouth, - I would just LOVE to taste your *****-nectar and would swallow every ******* hot drop !!! Mmmm, the thought gets me oozing precum!!!

Great story

damn your incredible