My Wife Is Exploding!!

The wife and I have been together for 20 years—and even though I was quite an experienced 31 year old and her an inexperienced, but not virgin 21 year old when I met her, our sex life was boring to say the least up to just a few months ago.. I always suspected there was a **** within her waiting to get out but she always resisted anything other than straight , missionary sex—no talking, no moaning, no oral, no anal and she always dressed as if she were a teen-aged tom boy—even after three kids I would sometimes wonder if maybe she might be lesbian and couldn’t admit it to herself.. But after 20 years of taking showers and stroking my own **** while remembering every girlfriend that use to **** me hard I decided when I turned 50 that I only had a few good years left to do the kind of ******* I use to do back in the day.
So one night while we were ******* I said in a real low voice in her ear “I love ******* your wet little *****”—I had tried talking before but was always hit with a slap to my back and her saying my name in a scolding tone—but this time she didn’t say anything but I did however feel her tense up.. I didn’t stop talking though,, I followed it up by “ “Your ***** feels soo good working my ****” Still she didn’t reply by saying anything but she did seem to get wetter than usual. A few days later we were in bed again and I started rubbing her back as she lay beside me in the bed. This time I started kissing her back and followed it down across her bare *** to the back of her thighs where they meet at her ***—I should of mentioned that even though she always dressed poorly and in spite of birthing 3 kids she still has a very athletic body and a super fine ***—the “brothas” are always hitting on her when she would be at the gym or someplace while in her sportswear— when dressed right she just has that look that she could and would **** the legs off any man. After just a few nibbles of her legs and her *** cheeks it took very little effort to get her slowly to spread her legs. Once they open wide enough for me to reach her sweet moist ***** I drove my tongue as deep as I could in it.. Within just a few moments she pushed her *** up in the air letting me gain position to lick at her snstch even better and she was loving it as low moans and gasps started coming from her. While I was licking the F^^CK out of her p**sy I made sure my chin was pressing and putting pressure on her tiny little virgin butt-hole—she was thrusting her hips and tossing her head back and for the while groaning like she never had before- then she started whispering over and over “oh **** yes- **** yes”-- my c@ck was throbbing hard like I was 25 again—Then I decided to go for broke and let my tongue tickle around her buthole and she immediately expressed her pleasure by moaning “ ****- god-dam- **** me, **** me!! Unfortunately, and after 20 years I should have known better, I miss read her cries to “get f**ked” and drove my tongue deep into her tight butt—for just fractions of a second I sensed she was loving it but alas she realized what was happening and pinched her butt cheeks tight together—The night pretty much ended on that note but great progress was made—since that night she has turned into the best p*ssy **** I’ve ever had and already this year she has let me **** her for the first time with a 9 inch toy and sucked my **** for the first time—each of which I plan on writing about and posting!! The ultimate goal is to get in her tight little virgin butt---and I will—and I’ll let you all know about it… I always knew my wife would make me a good bed-room wh0re one day,, and she’s almost there!!
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I think I married your wife's sister! I am 50 and my wife is 38. She has been a Stay-at-home mom for the past 18 years and just recently gone to work. She is a very pretty woman, and a natural athlete with AWESOME LEGS and ***! Our sex was very vanilla until this past Summer. We were "doing it" and I SPANKED her as she turned over doggy-style. The smack to her behind was like finding an "ON" switch! She F'd me harder than she ever had and has very recently become insatiable.....Her self confidence is very very SEXY!