I Want To Suck Your ****

I want to suck your ****.It stands before me.Waiting for me. I run my tongue over the head tasting the tang . "mmm Suck my ****" you say. I smile at you.I lick the head teasing you. I pinch your bum. 'Baby please" you say. Lick, suck. "Mm baby suck me ".You arch your back wanting it . I take a little more. Lick, "Ahh yes baby" Deeper, deeper I take you. The head swells even more. "uh ,uh mm," Still I take you deeper.Your **** is tickling the back of my throat. Sliding in to the hilt. then back out ,almost all the way. Only to suck you back in." AAHH uh, Yes!" You are stroking with your hips. Deeper, tongue running all over your ****." MM so good " Your eyes are closed . Your head is back.Your **** is thrusting."MM baby,baby!" "Yes suck me"! My hands are on your thighs holding your legs apart, Pushing your *** into the bed,gobbling every inch of you.My lips are like a vice on your ****. "AAHH BABY!! The *** shoots out of your **** hitting the back of my throat ."AAAAAHHHHHH *******!" "YES!" Thrusting harder,as the last of your *** is expelled . I swallow it all enjoying the taste." Oh baby,mmmm " I kiss you to let you taste yourself. MMMMM
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Dec 15, 2012