Love to Please But Don't Live to Please

I think James Brown said it best when he said, "Please, Please, Please."  Pleasing people does make me happy, but it's different now.  I used to live to please because I got validation from the approval of other people.  Now I live to please myself, and if, in the process, that makes other people happy, I'm thrilled - but it's merely a byproduct.  
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That's my line, buddy.

Guess I didn't stand a chance, did I?

I like a girl fearless enough to stalk big game. Alligators are known for their bites - they strike quickly - it's over before it begins.

What can I say? Stalking you is a full-time job.

It has the twin virtues of brevity and truth.<br />
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(If you're sifting through the 589 you are brave, and certainly sorting through rather a lot of silly rubbish.)

Well, it's taking me awhile to go through all 589 of your stories. I happened to like this one especially, though.

For some reason this strikes me as incredibly funny. Really, this is the hardest I've laughed in a long time. Oh dear, must get a grip on myself.<br />
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Thank you, Nyxie, for responding to this post. Of the 100s I've written, it is certainly one of the best, and has languished in lonely obscurity for a terribly long time. How lovely that you, of all EPeeps, would adopt it.<br />
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Yes, fact is, it works for me too. Wish I'd figured it out sooner.

Well, this has certainly worked for me. ;)