I Was Hoping...

...that I would read about what someone would like to do with these great big ******* of mine. Not a single story here about heaving bosoms or wanting to suckle from my engorged nipples. What a shame!

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I'd love to se your bosoms first and then .......

Let ne suck them........

"Suckle from my engorged nipples"- sounds like someone writes their own Literotica, at least in their own mind. (oh yeah, let me add, Hot! )

Thank you : )

I would love to suck your huge ****!!!! Then slide my throbbing hard **** between them, pump it back n forth......hitting your chin a few strokes, your lick the precum off the tip, faster and harder, your big ******* jiggling as my balls bounce off the bottom of them..........mmmmmmmm. going to ***, squeese them tighttttttttttttt

I would love to tell you, But i have not seen them yet. I sure I would love to suck them, Lick them, and chew on them, I love big boobs and big nipples make them even better, and attention always makes nipples bigger..MMMMmmm.. I would love to see them,

I don't know about the chewing...

...oh yes, so do I, SO DO I !!!

I can write one for you, if you'd like...

Look in the ANR groups and you will find all sorts of stories about wanting engorged nipples, etc...

MMMM, I would love lick and fondle, and suckle your delicious breasts and nipples for hours and hours, running my fingers and tongue all over them, sucking them deep into my mouth, devouring them.

Oh, if only I lived in O H I O!

I'd sure love to suck your big hard nipples baby.

Wow, baby you get me thinking about you...."great big *******" really? I love would to have big soft pair of ******* laying on top of my chest while you and I kiss pationately......your *** sways gently up and down on my ****......just as I am about to ***....you stop to tease me.... I pull your nipples to my mouth....

Great visual here, I like it!

I would love to pleasure your great big ******* for you! I am a very experienced suckler, I would love to give you hours and hours of breast pleasure, breast worship and long sensual suckling sessions!

That is part of ALL of my fantasies!

The shame is that you don't have someone already doing that for you. Such a waste of time when we could be doing something about it (wink)!!

I'm still looking for my man...

I'm right here waiting for YOU!

I wish you were right HERE!

And how I wish YOU were here! You have what I need, and I have what you want. We are perfect for each other!

Perfect, except for the miles that separate us :(

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mmmm... to knead your full breasts.... to latch on and suckle....causing sensations to flow to your ***** and ****....

That is EXACTLY what happens!

Please add me and check out my blogs and albums .. I think you will be pleased :)