Wishes Of Woman With Big Natural Big Breasts

I'm a slender/average woman, blonde hair, blue eyes, with a very shapely figure. I especially love my 38D breasts because I get so much sexual pleasure from the attention of men who like to play rough with my breasts and especially stimulate my nipples with pleasure/pain.

I love to have a encounter with a man (men only, please) who is not afraid to provide this sweetie with rough treatment to my petite nipples or watch me "torture" my own nipples. I am NOT interested in BDSM. I don't want to be dominated sexually. That lifestyle is unappealing to me.

I fantasize about and occasionally get to have my nipples sucked very hard, gently bitten, pinched, squeezed, and twisted. I don't mind the use of nipple pleasure devices/clamps from sexually related retailers, but I also am satisfied by ribbed, tight clothes pins attached to the tips of my nipples. It is such exquisite pain! My panties usually become drenched and sometimes the tiny tips of my nipples are bruised.in the morning.

I have been suckled by men when I produced breast milk. I'm trying to induce lactation again and I need mature, serious men who are willing to suckle my dry breasts. Yes, rough suckling and nipple play that does not cause injury would be fine. If I am able to produce rich, sweet breast milk again, the "dry sucklers" would have the chance to suckle first but I will need to have more than one man involved.

If you friend me, I'll be happy to share a pic with you.


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41-45, F
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all sounds wonderful!! :)

Oh yes, your natural breasts are perfect and it's so sexy you like them and you like them getting admired. I'd LOVE to play with your delicious breasts and nipples for hours using my eyes for admiring them, my hands for massaging your breasts and twisting and pinching your nipples, pulling them out and releasing again and sure also my mouth to suck on them for extended time and I will slightly bite them from time to time. You'd like to induce lactation ? I'm sure with all the regular suckling of your delicious breadts for extended time you'd lactate soon agsin and I'd LOVE even more to suckle your milky beeasts and get breastfed from your deliciozs breasts. I hope you wouldn't mind me worshipping and adoring your breasts so much and venerating you as my breast goddess.

I would love to be added as a friend, thanks!

I want your breast in my mouth, i will worship your nreast,nipples and areolas like you never had before...

Please add me I would love to check out your pics! And coincidentally my first wife had large sexy breasts and was turned on by similar things. She loved nothing more than knowing other people were looking at her ****, so she constantly showed them off in all kinds of creative ways.
And when she started getting real turned on she needed them to be slapped around, roughed up, pinched, twisted, teased and tortured any way I wanted. So I have lots of pics and ideas that I came up with and various ways to pleasure her **** and and torture her nipples untill she screamed for me to stop...of course I never would lol!

Count me in.....