I Like This, Too.

Having a hard **** between your breasts is a great feeling for most of us gals. I like to suck on the head of a man's penis while he has them between my breasts. Each time he slides up and down he gets to have the head of his **** in my mouth...
As my breasts have gotten more mature, my 38D's can be pulled closer around. Since I like nipple stimulation, twisting and pulling my nipples only get me there faster. Sore the next day to remind me how naughty I was....
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7 Responses Dec 7, 2012

Oh yes, I'd LOVE to play with your delicious breasts and nipples for hours using my eyes for admiring them, my hands for massaging your breasts and twisting and pinching your nipples, pulling them out and releasing again and sure also my mouth to suck on them for extended time and I will slightly bite them from time to time. I'd so LOVE to tittyfuck your delicious breasts as you described and hopefully you will allow me to lick my own *** and clean your delicious breasts after that. I hope you wouldn't mind me worshipping and adoring your breasts so much and venerating you as my breast goddess.

I am just like you I love doing this. Because I have large breasts it is so easy to do and to engulf his **** the head coming out to be licked and sucked.

Glad to know there are more willing female participants who enjoy titsex. It's more fun when the woman is into it and not just the guy. I absolutely love the ******* and ******* combination. It's good foreplay and a good way to finish too!

Wow you are amazing I'd love to see those 38D's wrapped around my ****. nipple sucking, twisting and nibbling are all such a turn on could you add me please thx

I wish i was your lawn or pool guy. I would be in the bushes peeking thru a window jacking off like a mad man. Thats not to say your pool or lawn guys dont do that now.

My neighbor is a single man in his 50's; my mother told me that he was gay so I didn't really care when he watched me work in the garden in the back of my house. I rarely bothered with a bra (sometimes I didn't even wear underwear because it is hot where I live). I learned one day that he is NOT definitely not gay. He likes women - me in particular. Once we chatted and he told me that he that he enjoyed ************ every time he watched me outside. He loved my *** and wanted to **** me in every hole in my body. I declined but promised to let him watch me outside as much as he wanted.... I try as much as I can to be a "good" neighbor.

good girl...amen:)

WOW!!! You sound like a dream come true. Just wish I was there so I can pinch and roll and twist and squueze and nibble and pull and bite your nipples for you.