I Am A Woman Who Loves To Have Her Breasts Sucked

I love to have my nipples sucked by a man. And any attention given to my breasts is so pleasurable that chances are an encounter will end well for us both. I have very sensitive nipples and I love to have them sucked hard and then pinched, twisted, and pulled with by an eager mouth, teeth, fingers or all three. Having one nipple in a man's mouth while he roughs up the other with his strong fingers is just wonderful. I've had some wonderful experiences with the first man who listened to me when I begged for him to use his mouth on my breasts.
I got on top of him, I leaned down and put my natural 38D breasts into his open mouth, one after the other. Then closed my eyes and moaned with pleasure when he started to suckle and clamp his teeth down gently! He soon had my ***** slick and me riding his ****. I love it when he enjoys watching my large breasts bounce up and down when he's inside me and I'm on top of him. I can't stop until I *** hard.
Pleasure my large breasts and I'll rub them all over you! After a blow job, when his hard **** is still wet from my mouth but he hasn't *** yet, I love to rub my nipples, still wet from his mouth, all over his ****, especially the head and his balls. I will return my nipples to his mouth as many times as he will let me before I can tell he's ready to ***.
I've never had a man successfully *** on my breasts, but I want it to happen. I've rubbed a man's hard **** between my breasts; always making sure I open my mouth for the head of his **** to get an appreciative suck as he moves his erection between my large breasts. Since I have a very small, tight *****, I can rarely get a man to take it out once he's on his way to blowing his load. Usually by then my breasts are sore and my nipples enlarged and very tender anyway.
Pleasure this woman's breasts and men, you will be rewarded!
feelingthefeeding feelingthefeeding
41-45, F
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You say you never had a man *** successfully between your karge breasts, are you kidding ? I am sure any man would *** between your wonderful large breasts. I for myself probably couldn't hold myself back for long and I'd *** between your deliciozs breasts and if you allow I'd lick my cumm off and clean your delicious breasts.

that is such a hot story u sound like a dream come true lets connect plz n explore our options

wow amazing story. love too. mmmmmm xx

Such a hot story!!!
Would you let me blow inside your tight little *****?

wow that story was so hot it made me hard wow

I would love to take care of your breasts for you. But since your breasts are so great, I would be between them as I was pinching and twisitng. And you would experience *** as them. I would not have to take it out, since that would not be the part of your body I was savoring. If there are two large breasts I can use and sqeeze as I slide between them, there is no need for anything more.

Sounds like fun to you? Do you suckle, squeeze, and nibble nipples? Have you ever enjoyed rubbing your hard **** between a woman's breasts to ***** **** her? If so, you would love to be that man? Maybe I found one! Are you saying that you would like to be the man is this story. What if I'm an unattractive blonde with large breasts? Keep the lights off?Tee-Hee