I Love To Have My Large Breasts Pleasured: Me On Top

The original me on top story is 100% true and I have enjoyed variations of breast pleasure during foreplay and sex in this position many times! My man in West is the best. When I am astride and facing my man, I love to put my nipples into his waiting mouth.and feel his hands pinching my nipples. I always decide how much breast play I want during sex and there is a limit.

OF COURSE I LOVE HAVING MY BREASTS PLEASURED during sex, but only to a point. When I am on top and I start to feel myself being close to ******, or just want to concentrate on the pleasure of penetration, I will pull my nipples out of his mouth, out of his mouth's reach, then grab his wrists and pin both of his hands down above his shoulders! That means "look only"! He seems to enjoy me holding his hands down when I am riding him to ******. I let go of his hands when I want to, but that means breast play is over for now. He can watch me ride him long and hard. He seems to enjoy this little move. I know I do! 

I've noticed that ******* brought on by  breasts stimulation cause my vagina clench down on my lover's **** much harder when he is inside me.  His erection will grow even harder and bigger inside me.  This clench and release will milk an ****** right out of him. I don't even have to move.  I don't want to dominate or be dominated during sex, but an obedient lover will always get whatever he wants and more!

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Wow! i almost came in my pants just from reading your story... This scene is one of my biggest fantasies , would you make it come true?


You describe exactly what I dream of, getting ridden by you busty lady who knows how to get HER best pleasure. For me it's your pleasure that counts and I'd LOVE to give you that pleasure even trying to break boundaries to let you find new dimensions of pleasure. And I know that pleasing you will also please myself, I'm sure you and me will get the most intense ******* ever.


I... I want you to do everything you just said.. to me. I need a woman who can make me ****** the way you describe.. A goddess like you needs a zeus like me. To ****. Suck. Lick. Bite. Pinch. Love. I enjoy your writting a lot. Keep writing.

I am very interested in seeing your profile photos to see the body you talk about in your writing. Judging from the one photo i can see, you don't exaggerate about your curves like some ppl do. You had me hard.. My **** throbbing while reading about your breast and tight *****. Not to trying to be rude or a creep. Simply letting you know how you had me mesmerized and wanting every inch of you. Id love to be on your friend list;)

Oh baby, sign me up, you can ride me all night long.

Well said busty beauty !

Very hot read! I love the visual of watching your boobs bounce when your on top. Let me have a nipple, I don't mind!

What a great story...I am jealous of your man ;)

Great post enjoyed reading

Mmmmm, i LOVE fondling my wife's large breasts while she is riding me. And since it helps her ******, that's all the better.

Yes, my breasts are still firm but they do bounce a lot when I have vigorous sex. (isn't that the best kind?) Of course I am aware of their movement when I am on top of you during sex. I'm counting on it! It's "lights on" all the way, but I do favor low lighting, both lamps and candlelight are best. Never, ever, take your eyes off of my breasts. You may not always be able to touch them with your hands. Yes, I always like to press my breasts against your inner thighs - going upwards. I love to grasp your erection and use it to explore my nipples. And rub my breasts against your hardened ****. I will eventually return both of my breasts to your mouth; I always do. I hope this reply answers your questions...

Good Lord...that's ******* hot. It's funny, I can watch a **** flick or look at nude photos, and while it may arouse me to some degree it's this kind of writing that turns me on the most. Women who are this sexually aware are few and far between. Thanks for sharing, and please add me to your circle!

Of all your stories... this is the one...

Laying back lazily and letting large loose **** hang down so that I can suck on one while squeezing the other is definitely one of my favorites.