Braless And Horny!! Flashing My Big Breasts!

I am so horny lately!! I was driving home late and pulled my 38DD breasts out. I drove down the freeway in WI and pulled up along truck drivers to have them look in at my ****. It was so fun to have trucks speed up to have their turn. I used my cell phone flash light to spot light them and the truckers just went wild!!

When I pulled off the freeway I went into a neighborhood bar to have a drink and to show off my braless cleavage under my business professional attire. Such a dichotomy but wanted to see a man in person, watch his eyes and see if they would notice.

Right away from across the bar a man offered to buy me a drink. He moved closer to me and we chatted but he would use his hands to tell stories and accidentally purposely brush his hands on my hard nipples. It was fun seeing his eyes just linger on my breasts and then I started leaning forward to and smush my big boobs on his hand! He loved that and told me that he loved how much I loved my ****!! I do I do!

What else could I do?? Any suggestions? I am so into them getting attention.
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I wish that would happen to me one day.

With your love of having your big boobs appreciated and touched and licked and sucked on, I don't think you have to limit your experiences to bars. I think you can find appreciation in a coffee shop, a grocery store, a library would be hot.

would have loved to be the truck drivers!!! nice nipples!!!!

damn...why doesnt something like this happen to me!

...go jogging WITHOUT a bra - 'POETRY IN MOTION' - heaven, just heaven !!!

...y thank u !!!

Along I90/I94? We could rendezvous! ;)

Do you live here?

I'm across the interstate bridge in (*gasp*) Minnesota.

And you live there? Or driving where?

I live here.

Let me know when you get this way but would need to know more about you.

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I will make sure I meet you at the bar next time, we can sure have some fun together.

Absolutely!! Where do you live??

Unfortunately, I live in far away India. But I will make it happen in my dreams.

I live in SE Wisconsin. Waukesha County.

Thanks for sharing. My wife has 38DDs, so I can picture yours....what a nice thought!

Suggestions? Oh yes, but they all require touching

I'd LOVE to be at your elbow while you pursue these activities! I'll drive if you like!

nice thought!! love that!!

You've asked what else. My imagination is on fire with road trips and weeks spent at Sturgis or Daytona bike rallies! Oh, my!

love your **** and your nipples turn me hard

very sweet!! love that!!

Your self confidence and love of your breasts makes you so hot and sexy !

Wish I lived nearby to see them!

sensational - mmmmmmm

nice...add me on plz

I'd love to worship them with my hungry mouth...

I used to work in Hudson, WI. I wish I had known you then.

Me too I just read where you travel and Midwest is not in your territory :) too bad!

I still get around but the closest I get that way is probably Wichita. Do you ever vacation in Florida?

not too often

I wish you would.

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One word........"Tanktops"