I Friggin Love It...

Right now my diaper is pretty wet. I usually prefer to just do it in my panties but when my bf will let me get in to diapers (he even changed me tonight:)) I will absolutely take advantage of it. Its finals time and I am so stressed!! If I am writing a paper (or 12) then I won't stop no matter how badly I have to pee or poop. I have been having "accidents" lately my bf told me just to keep my diaper on so i "keep it in my pants" haha. Anyhow being a girl, I have always been worried about a potential infection if I poop in my panties too much. I should be working on a paper right now but f-it!
I wanted to tell you guys about the first time I pooped in my panties. I was 12 and in catholic school (i blame it for my diapers/accidents- among other things) I go to Georgetown University which is high-pressure if any of you know, it is cut-throat which just makes me run home after class and wet/mess in my panties even more... Anyhow, I digress yet again! ok, so the first time. I had a pair of old blue panties when I was 12 and I kept them under the bed. I would put them on (and love every second of it) and wet them just a little bit time and again. One day I decided that I wanted to poop in them so I got a bunch of paper towels and lined my panties with them. I am a girl so it goes without saying that if I mess, I invariably wet. SO I started to push and of course, wet my panties A LOT. Then when I began to poop in them, it was firm (which love) and after just under a minute I had pooped a lot in my "accident" panties. I couldn't stop looking in the mirror at the poopy bulge in the back of my panties and pushed it against my *** as I rubbed my *****. its crazy because I loved this but didn't even know the word ****** or what was happening between my legs when I rubbed my ***** (I was really sheltered!) Anyhow, after I came, I put my mess in the toilet and showered but my stupid stupid mistake was stuffing my messy and wet panties in an old empty dorritos bag and instead of putting it in the trash outside, I hid it behind the bushes as my mom had just pulled into the driveway. Maybe in hindsight, I wanted to get caught and told that I was a bad girl for pooping and wetting my pants but I forgot to stuff the bag with my wet/messy panties in the garbage outside. A few days later, my mom found them and came to talk to me. I had just gotten my period and was having it for the second time so she knew the dirty panties were mine and not my sister's because of what they had in them. I should have just lied and told her I had a poop accident at school but I told her that I pooped in my pants on purpose because it made me feel good "between my legs." As I said, I went to catholic school and didn't even know what an "****** was or what was going on when I thought of or actually did wet or mess my pants. So, she was not too thrilled and being a child, I said that it had been my best friend Sara's idea which wasn't a complete lie since we often peed our panties/bathing suits together. SOOO, I got caught and it didn't stop me.... I have to tell you guys about my first relationship next time-- i finally met someone else who shared what I felt to be my scarry (because I didn't know why it made my ***** wet to pee and poop in my pants/diaper) and unique condition. I love you guys... in real life, I am hyper-preppy college girl but if any of them knew, I would lose every so-called firend I have in the world. Thank god I can come home (wetting my jeans all the way) put on my diaper and read what you people have to say. Thanks again and I love you all and am proud of you for being so candid:)
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omg, it's me lacey - sad - I really deleted it u guys!

Great story, that is about the same time I became interested in pooping my pants to. Please add me to your cirlce and maybe we can share some ideas.

Your boy friend is so lucky,I hope he realizes what he has!

It's exactly the same for me. Nice written and soooo myself.

like the story

Ì never lined my undies with napkins or anything to me that kina takes some of the fun out of it idk i jus never did it that way: ) <br />
Poooooop poioop i love **** imfg poooooooop i wish i ciuld poop on all of u right now

great story

I really like your stories you should add me to your circle! :) Take care... I look forward to reading more!!

Hi Lacey AM, Thank you for "I friggin love it", with which I can emphathise completely, especially with what you say about this having to be secret from friends and colleagues. It is good that we can discuss things openly, when we feel like it, on EP and I wish you all the best, Andrew

You should wear pants so tight splitting you that you can't just 'do it' You can if yuo relax and try to hold back but that's everything against you feel at the time - and you don't want to be seen wriggling too much do you? So you strain to control and stilll feel it all leaking out from deep inside. And as well, it 'irritates' your clitoris but all that bladder and bowel pressure must squeeze your internal deeep vagina & cervix between them too.<br />
<br />
When a man wets himself, mostly it's up the front where a woman can't but when he ***** tight pants, it pushes his balls where a woman can feel it slither straight through her legs to 'carress' her tender folds