In Line At

I was in line at the local grocery store, today, and I got the urge to go poop.  And I did, it was great, and it's a good thing I put on briefs on early this morning, usely I go cammando.  But, today I had to visit the lawyers office.  That when the urge hit me, but it sub sided.  I then had lunch with a friend and her son.  So, as I was going through the check out counter, the urge came back, and as I was standing there, I let go and hoped for the best, there was a crackling sound and the spreading of my briefs, and all the while, I was hoping not to wet myself, at least till I got closer to home to relief myself.  And, i did while I was going up the step to my home.  It isn't fun to wet your pants when the weather outside is 19 degrees above zero.

pepsiboy pepsiboy
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2 Responses Feb 18, 2010

i just poop my new briefs , i just bought today. the poop is not that big . i get turned buy a man pooping his briefs or panties.

Yes and I an still wearing them as I write this!