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At the Beach

one time i went to the beach i was 19 and was reading a book and was into it and didnt want to put it down i had to poop badly so i was in to panty wetting already and thought i'll try pooping my self so i relaxed and kept reading my book and started pooping my white bikini
debbieiswet debbieiswet 16-17, F 14 Responses Jan 14, 2009

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That is so hot! I can just imagine a big brown bulge in your bikini bottom

I used to poop in my pants a lot. it feels wierd now but i still pee my pants!

you short storie leaves much to the imagination of the art of soilage.

Real HOT! Thanks Debbie.

wow your hot

It sounds awsome debbie, am into wetting myself an have pooped my pants in the bathroom many times it's just such a great feeling as my pants get warm, full and heavy, i like to squish it around inside them and get off. the clean up is a bit of down side but well worth it. xx

i am not much in to pooping but i just love to pee in my pants

i am not much in to pooping but i just love to pee in my pants

It is easy. You just give it a little push and it comes right out..

i tried to but i am affraid to

you should have pooped in your pants. Its fun.

i almost pooped my pants this morning

do u have like a big lump sticking thru ur bikini pants?..doesn't any1 notice or smell u...sounds great..better in a nappie tho

I love pooping at the beach. It feels so good in a tight bikini.