Pooping My Bikinirgir

 I was 15 at my best friend kaylas house swimming in her pool.  There 5 boys ad 2 other girls there.  I was swimming around when i felt the urge to poo.  I started to get out of the pool when Drew a really cute boy tackled me into the water.  It took me by suprise so much that while he was tackling me i began pooping my pink bikini.  when we got to the surface h e laughed and squezzed my butt and felt the poop.  He shouted holy **** did you **** yourself.  I was so embaressed that i started crying ad ran out of the pool, the poo squishing against my bum as i ran. it was the miost mbaressing day of my life.

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9 Responses Mar 23, 2009

it is okay go poop even more in front of him and wrap around you legs around him and poop on him

the story is kind of funny

still think thats hot,besides swimming makes you gotta go!<br />
id have asked you out on the spot!

madmaximus you are wrong she was not happy about it

i love girls who do that

madmaximus you are a ******* faggit

madmaximus.... You're a punk you doosh

@ MadMaximus: The poster said she felt embarassed, not proud... try to be a little more supportive and actually read what she said before you antagonise her. Obviously she posted because she wanted support, not a finger pointing.

Yeah, the first commentor sucks. The end.