I Love To Poop In Women's Panties

about  thirty minutes ago i pooped my white flowered panties on purpose .planned the whole thing . i think pooing and peeing blongs in your panties not the bathroom .i laugh wickedly when i pooped my panties on purpose , i'm not sorry i did it  would do it again in a second. if there's anybody out there that feel the same way i do you can be my  friend.

nastybobby73 nastybobby73
41-45, M
3 Responses Feb 18, 2010

i would love to poop and pee in your panties hotpantiesonme. you must sound very naughty and sexy love your big belly and hairy chest.

i would very much love that hotpanties , nothing turns me on like pooping and peeing in my panties .i like to leave a nice brown poop stain in back of my panties and pee stain in the front. would love to poop and pee in your panties. you look very very sexy in those panties , love your sexy backside.

I think the same way and I am pooping and peeing my panties right now I would even let you poop and pee in my panties while I was wearing them