Womens Panty Pooping

started the day wanting to poop my pants but had people over so i couldnt.soon as they left i got right too it. was allready ready since i had put on a pair of white/rainbow designed panties and my plastic pants as soon as i awoke today.Pooping in womens panties is like a double feature.kinky and nasty all in one.this was a good one soft but not runny.one good push and they were full then went up to the garage to do some work as if nothing happened.not much work done spent most of the time just walking and bending over to feel the hot warm poop ooze totally around the inside of those plastic pants from the rear to the front but then i noticed there was so much it was running down my legs so i decieded might as well pee too and finish the job.wow what a mess now the wet and brown stains were all the way down to my shins.it was so exciting made me so horny i actually came in the panties too just from the feeling of walking,the smell was so strong but that just anhanced the feeling.

honeybucket honeybucket
46-50, M
Feb 21, 2010