Just Got Home And Desperate!!

okay well i havent put a story up on a while so i think now is the time.

I have been working today and i didnt poop and pee this morning like i usually do, but when the feeling hit at work i thought "hey wait a min, i have diapers at home, ill just hold it and have some fun when i get home" :D So all day i was hopping from one foot to the next trying to stop myself exploding.

Clocking off time came and i raced home. When i got in i threw my bag down and ran up to my bedroom and opened the drawer where i keep my diapers and....... DISASTER!!! I HAD RAN OUT. I silently swore under my breath and forced myself to hold on....

I hopped on my bike and cycled as fast as i could down to the store to get some diapers, usually when i go to pay im a little nervous but not today, i was too desperate and focused for that xD

I got home and didnt even unpack the diapers into my drawer, i just ran upstairs, ripped open the bag, grabbed one and put it on. Now, at this point i was rather horny aswell so i ******** off all my clothes so i was completly naked apart from my diaper and ran out my back door into the corner of my back garden (its quite private but it still gave me a rush :D)

I felt like it was time, so i squatted down and relaxed my entire body and almost instantly there was a quite loud hissing sound and warmth spread around my privates you could also visibly see the diaper getting bigger. I must have peed for at least 4 mins non stop and by this time it was starting to leak, so i stood up and began to run back inside and i was just coming through the door and i tripped and as soon as i landed i heard a large crackling sound behind me and felt my diaper expand even more as a torrent of mushy poop exploded out my ***.

Then i decided that i would come up and write this on ep while all my poop spread nicely around my *** and round to my front. Cleanup was a damn nightmare but it was TOTALLY worth it!!

Hope you all enjoyed my story and Happy Diapering everyone

messystory12 messystory12
22-25, M
1 Response Sep 7, 2012