Yesterday, I went to an awards dinner for a friend of mine at this nice hotel. There was a lot of good food there and I ate a lot. So halfway through the ceremony my stomach starts growlin and I feel a bowel movement comin on from down below. I didn't want to interrupt the ceremony, so I crossed my legs and clenched my booty cheeks real tight. But it was just too strong, I could feel that load of poop just had t come out. So I got up and walked to the bathroom lookin all pretty, and prissy in my expensive dress. If people only knew about that huge poop I was holdin in. Most women wouldn't poop at a fancy party, but being comfortable is more important to big mama than being a lady. Besides, we all do it. No matter how nice a woman's booty looks, she still poop and fart from there, and don't foget it!
So I go into the ladies room, find a stall, and pull my dress down to my ankles. Line the bowl and sit my pretty *** down on the toilet. The bathroom was really nice and comfortable. I decided to relax and just enjoy my bowel movement. I pushed and the first log began to slowly squeeze out. It made a lot of noise as it slit out.Sort of a crackling, popping sound. It kept comin and comin and comin until the whole log just plopped out with a big splash. Wooo! I said. I was relieve, but I knew I had more so I pushed and another log that was so big it was overwhelming, inched out and splashed in the toilet. Then about 3 more smaller ones came out one by one. Woo, lord I've never been so relieved in my life. I looked in the toilet to see my work. The logs were really huge. Oh, and the smell was funky! That stank filled up the whole bathroom. I wiped and then pulled everything up. Then I began to hope to god that my ginormous logs didn't clog the dam toilet! I flushed and to my surprise, all the brown went down! Then I washed my hands, checked my make up and waked back out like a lady. No one suspected that I laid a deadly, funky, stanky dump in there.LOL
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Yes I like lifting my skirt lowering my panty girdle drawers and tights to drop a big pan buster