Zit Obsessed

yes  I love to Pop zits also, I see someone with it and if they are a stranger I think they need to pop that. They only person other than myself I try to pop is my husband's. Like right now he is sleeping and I noticed one on his elbow and really wanted to pop it. Why do we like it, I want to know. It's gross! But there is something about that pop sound and seeing that whitish stuff come out. Hopefully others will join but I'd love to talk a bit with blackberry about this. I'm 30 and I have cystic acne. Most of the time it's under the skin and no one can see it. But I can usually feel it. Not running my fingers over my face, I just know it's there like you know your arm or leg is coming out of your body. There has got to be a reason for this obsession! thanks , looking forward to discussions on this issue.



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Would you want to pop my pimples for me? :)http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/590146

Otter, I started using a medication from my dr to get rid of zits and prevent scars. You have to treat popping like an addiction. I mostly stopped I still do it sometimes but I try not to do it on my face but it happens. If I do pop on my face then I use the medicine my dr gave me after. good luck.

Oh my God! Meeee too. I have red, scab marks all over my face that are ugly but I can't STAND pimples, blackheads (which I don't get too many blackheads) but especially when they hurt I know there's something in there and I can't stand it!!!!!! My hubby or brother takes their shirts off and I see one I'm making a bee line! My husband is forever telling me to get my fingers off my face! WTH do I do?

i love squeezing spots and blackheads, my dad has the best ones on his back! i know ppl may find it discusting but id find it more horrible leaving un-popped spots on your skin! plus its really theraputic in a way!

I've been picking since I was 12. I'm 35 now. I have a whole tool kit full of the best tweezers and pins you can find. I not only pop pimples on myself and anyone else that will let me, I like to pluck ingrown hairs out of my husbands beard. I feel like I am doing him and others a favor! I can't stand to stop once I start. I even have a magnifying mirror and lamp with no shade. I went to a doctor because I am ashamed and growing up I was told how bad it was. It's an OCD and anxiety mechanism.. An addiction just like alcoholics and drug users. I can't image never getting that satisfaction of seeing it come out. Or finally getting the tiny black head I've worked so hard for. I like it so much I've started watching you tube videos of cysts being popped. They are so graphic and gross but If I can't have the "big ones" that I desire I like watching them being popped. Sick I know!!! It's great to not feel so alone in this.

Im so glad there are others, I feel as my obsession with spot popping is out of control I know it drives ny boyfriend constantly having me pick and squeeze his face, if he has a spot the he won't let me pop I will stew and think about it whilst im at work waiting untill get that satasifing pop sound if he lets me.<br />
Im also a hairdresser and sometimes when my clients have spots on the back of their necks or temples the restraint I have to have to stop myself from digging my nails into pop it. Its terrible. <br />
My faces are blackheads.<br />
Wish I wasn't so gross i can't help it. Just better out than in.

i remember when i had a big pimple on my nose and i just kept and kept on trying to squeeze it but still....nothing the next morning it was a full white monster on my nose so i SQUEEZED it and POP all over my mirror

also found this article in its entirety! it looks at how acne can have a negative impact on mental health and I think it is something that should be considered more. I for one spend way too much time staring into the mirror, worrying about my acne. http://dermatology.cdlib.org/93/commentary/acne/hanna.html

To Ahmed, I really enjoyed reading your comment. I have been dealing with acne for so long that I know just about all I care to know including the science behind it. There are some scholarly articles out there on the psychological aspects of spot popping, I read the first page of one such article from the British Journal of Dermatology, that I found on this webpage http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1365-2133.1966.tb14689.x/abstract Pity I could only read the first page.

Wow and I thought I was the only one. Everytime I use the restroom, I go for that mirror and start popping away, even if I am in someone elses house. it's terrible, but I just HAVE to do it, it's relieving and I get this high feeling of satisfaction from it. And nearly every day I wrestle my husband down and go to town on his own face, popping his zits! It's crazy, I wish I wasn't so addicted but I can't help it.

bart james, you just explained to all my feelings i've had and been so confused about. it was like dead on perfect. i feel the exact same way, i would pick and pick and i'd pick until something, anything came out. just to feel that relief. its like i NEED it. im sure this problem i have is also related to some of my anxiety/ocd. but the relief is sooo worth the scab...for a few minutes, then i feel guilty. its like a never ending cycle of compulsion and relief and guilt and hate. idk. terrible but amazing.

I experience these same feelings too , i'm a 6th yr medical student and i have studied all about acne or "zits" but we never study the psychological and personal aspects of such common condition. although this "urge" to pop these acne wide open is not significant medically but i have some insights about it, i think that the desire to relief PRESSURE and expel something that is considered foreign to you is ... natural ! actually it's instinctive and it's like a built in nature in your body , for example when an abscess is formed within any part of your body, the first reaction is that your body forms a tract or a canal (called fistula or sinus ) between the abscess cavity and the nearest surface to discharge the pus right away , amazingly this surface could be the skin or even the intestine !! and amazingly this canal can reach several inches long !! so there seems to be an "instinct" in the body to discharge any foreign matter in any way possible.<br />
also in case of zits , the Sebaceous glands become congested and ENGORGED with fatty secretions which causes pressure and some times pain in the surrounding skin , and it's well known that relieving an existing pressure is a very pleasurable sensations for humans, it's exactly as BartJames post said (you can get a high off the feeling of relief of pressure) !! By the way when you pop a pimple , the stuff that comes out is the "Fatty Secretions" of your skin that had been trapped inside (and not pus at all) , but i should really warn you , this habit of popping pimples increase the risk of scarring and skin infections , which can be very serious especially in the face , because skin infections of the face can be transmitted to deeper areas in your skull through the veins (that's why we call the face the dangerous zone) so try as hard as you can to minimize this habit , use acne creams and soaps to decrease their appearance in the first place. sorry if i was all "science like" but i wanted to share what i know and feel with you.

i absolutely love picking spots... i dont understand why anyone wouldnt... and when i read that post above i felt a bit excited and jealous for that person<br />
its THE best feeling when you work on a spot for a while and then it just makes that pop noise and it comes out... specially blackheads (big ones) when they look like nothing but a black dot but if you work them then they slowly reach the top of the skin and then this huge pod explodes out followed by pus! i love it!!!

i know how you feel. i like get a high off the feeling of relief of pressure. I mean the white head coming out is of course the best part and if it makes a popping sound but if i don't feel that automatic relief i'll keep squeezing the swelling out and make it worse cuz I love that feeling. oh my goodness one time i had this super bad pimple in my ear and it was deep under the skin and it grew for at least three weeks and when i would lay on my pillow at night i could feel a pressure and i considered the possibility but I couldn't believe it but it grew worse and worse and finally one night I was in my bed and it hurt so badly so I squeezed and squeezed and squeezed but nothing happened. I slept with that ear down that night so maybe it would drain and low and behold there was a MASSIVE whitehead in the morining. my mom saw it first and was like what is that. omg i like daydream about this pimple it was so amazing. The first squeeze of course released like an inch of cylinder whiteish puss all in one line. it was so cool. and the little hard things that make noise and pop out onto the mirror. there were three because it was so deep and big! it was amazing and it was right in my ear so i got the total sound effect. like i hate pimples and the pressure but secretly i want to get one so i can pop it. In middle school i got called pizza face and had scabs all over. but i couldn't not pop my pimples. luckily my scars healed and didn't last but idk i would rather have a flat scab than an invisible swollen thing that hurts me but I hated looking that way!<br />
<br />
My dog has a bit of acne on her muzzle I think from digging in the dirt. I feel guilty popping it for my own pleasure. I like always look for a pimple when I see her I mean at first it couldn't be ignored it was this GIANT white thing and I was in denial like no that couldn't be...and then it got even bigger and i barely squeezed and a white line shot out at me. it was awesome. she doesn't like it though but do you think she could enjoy the relief like i do? i wonder if she understands. ugh

omg!! I'm obsessed/addicted to popping pimples too! I hate it tho! it makes my skin look horrible but i just can't control myself. I have gone a few weeks w/ out doing it and my skin looked great but i am back to the old habit again.... it sux