Loosing Myself to Pimple-popping

Hi, I'm 16 and I have a HUGE addiction to popping my pimples. It's not only on my face, but on my chest and shoulders. I do it so much to my shoulders that they look like ground up meat... I just cant help it.... the sensation of pushing on the sides of the pimple and seeing the gross gook "pop" out is just too tempting. While I go on these "zit" rampages, I keep telling myself that it's just going to make matters worse, but it doesnt help... I always give in. It's not even serious acne too! It's just that I constantly pop them, even though they aren't even mature. Whenever I go on these zit-popping-adventures, I come out of the bathroom looking like a monster, covered with bug bites. My mother is always yelling at me because of it, but I always give into the urge to pop my zits. I cant wear anything that shows my shoulders or chest anymore because of the acne scars that I have caused.

Lizzy12789 Lizzy12789
2 Responses Aug 29, 2008

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I am the same way and can't stop. I stayed at a friends house for a few days and was too embarrassed to do it at her house so when I got home, my skin looked really good. I always tell myself that it will look so much better if I stop, but I can't. I chase my family around to pop theirs too.