What The Powerkick Is And Why To Love It.......

Powerkick (verb): The moment when one is fully airborne forming a pose resembling a cross between a leaping air guitar and a flying snap kick.
Created in 2010 PowerKicKinc.com is the original forum to show off your powerkick. Our site is THE place to post crazy, funny and cool pictures of you, your friends and acquaintances busting out world class powerkicks around the globe. In addition to showing off your powerkicks, others can rate your picture and tell you how well you've done. 
Life is full of expressions and inspirations, ways to express yourself and ways to inspire others. The powerkick is the way to let the world know You Are Here and You Have Something To Say.
Throughout the world people are expressing themselves and finding inspiration. The possibilities are endless. PowerKicKinc.com is the perfect place to express your individuality because, like a snowflake, no two powerkicks are ever the same. Everyone’s powerkicking style is unique. We encourage you to show off in the most beautiful, bizarre and outrageous places.
Now we will walk you through the steps to creating a solid powerkick, and trust us, you will only get better with practice.
There are four elements to a powerkick:
1. Form
2. Height
3. Facial expression
4. Location
Let us briefly describe each below:
FORM: There are many variations to the style and form of a powerkick. Anything from a Kung-Fu kick to a tweaked out ollie kickflip can be your road map for your kick. No matter what style you choose, make sure you keep your form tight!
HEIGHT: Whether you are jumping straight from the ground, off of a bench, desk or an object, the main goal is to get in the air as high as you can. Maximum height will ensure the desired effect of appearing to float on air. Height and tight form creates the best powerkick – a force the world cannot ignore!
FACIAL expression: Facial expressions really personalize your powerkick. Whether it be a plain smile, a sour puss or your best model face, everything is welcome. 
LOCATION: The location of your powerkick will add dimension to its mystique and influence. From the Seven Wonders of the World to weddings, bar crawls, a sporting event or even just walking down the street you can powerkick ANYWHERE in the world!
No matter how you want to express yourself or to inspire others with your powerkick, WE WANT TO SEE IT! The mission of PowerKicKinc.com is to connect the world one kick at a time. If that means you want to powerkick underwater at the Great Barrier Reef or next to the totem poles of Southeast Alaska WE WANT TO SEE IT!
Who knows, you may be the inspiration a person from Timbuktu or Waterloo needs to step outside their comfort zone and push their limits. Push YOUR Limits and pave the way.
Welcome to PowerKicKinc.com.... We've been waiting for you! 
PowerKicKinc PowerKicKinc
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Jul 21, 2010