My favorite time to curl up and read is when there's a nice drizzle of rain outside. Usually I need to be listening to music when I need to concentrate (this in turn, distracts me) so when there's rain, I can lull myself into books without a playlist. I love books because they can take me anywhere. From a nippy ice rink with holden caufeild, to a paradise of rolling hills and fallen stars with Aslan. I can be anyone from a shy little girl, to a curious cat. I love following the inky words over pages and pages. Sometimes I'll have reached the end of the book with a lump in my throat, wishing it wasn't over. Some of the character's seem to be old friends of mine. Re-reading books and hearing their familiar voices puts me in a state of timeless ease. No matter where I am in life, no matter how bad things get I know I can always hang out with Harry and Ron in the common room. Or maybe follow Tally on her hoverboard, or revisit the 100 acre woods. Reading can console and move me in ways that no one else can. When all the while, I'm doing no more than curling up on my bed while the rain pours outside.
Girlonwire Girlonwire
18-21, F
Jun 15, 2011