Sister Bonds

This book I read long ago is not called Sister Bonds. I just called it that. I skipped the raunchy scenes but it'd make an AMAZING movie minus that stuff.

Four or five girls met at an orphanage. They became each other's best friends, sisters in heart. They made a pact to always stay true to each other, no matter what, like the roses that grew outside in the garden that had strength enough to live and bloom even through the toughest winter weather. Like those roses, they would fight together against the evil that had been harming them. A man with cold, heartless, gray eyes that had been sexually abusing them.

The book starts after giving us this short chapter in these girls lives. Fully grown, these girls have tattoos on their lower legs by their ankles and it is a reminder that as long as they have each other, they can overcome anything, like the roses permanently inked on them.

One woman was murdered. The woman who was the emotional leader of the pack had a hunch she knew who it was. She was also being stalked. A lot of places she went, she saw a man in a hoodie and jeans with gray, heartless eyes looking at her. She did her best to warn the others he was back. After all, they were all warned by him that he'd kill them when he got out of prison. She didn't want him to find the others but she knew she'd have to warn her sisters if indeed it was him.

She was trapped. She was alone in an alley and he had appeared. He stabbed her then ran off. She came to and knew if it was the last thing she did, she had to warn her sisters. She was certain a woman who had joined a homeless shelter with a similar name was one of her sisters. The woman had amnesia. No one knew who she was. The woman who was stabbed made her way painfully to the shelter to warn her sister. She knew she was leading Gray Eyes to her sister but she had to warn her sister. She died on the property in the arms of a girl who was in charge. All she could get out before she bled to death was to "warn the others".

As a ghost, she got humans to help her help her sisters. A man, his younger sister and three of their cousins rescued people in addition to regular jobs they had. He was a doctor. His sister was flighty and whimsical. His older cousin managed the estate and foresaw management and tours of their home as a house that had caught the radar of historic homes. The younger male cousin was a firefighter. The firefighter's younger sister worked at a homeless shelter.

The girl who worked at the homeless shelter was able to get her cousin in the shelter to meet with and talk to the girl at the shelter. The girl at the shelter didn't remember much, but she knew she felt afraid whenever she saw the man with the gray eyes in her dreams. She knew he was a bad guy.

She found out about her sister and started remembering everything. She also started to like the man that had come to rescue her. The man who unfortunately was the doctor on call when her sister arrived at the hospital dead.

The man took her back to their family's house and let her room with them. He had more work to do. Two more sisters to save. The young sister just saved warned him. The girl he was going to talk to is a fighter. She wouldn't go with him without a fight. Same like the first girl who was killed.

The ghost was as real to this man as the rest were. She went with him for help. She wanted her sisters safe from the man who hurt them. They arrived at the home of the next sister to be rescued. She and the man talked. Another man appeared in the not-so-far distance. Really sinister looking. The ghost frantically tells the man helping her sisters that THAT is the man who killed her. Grabbing the girl and running to his truck, he slammed on the gas pedal but not before the killer fired bullets through his windshield taking it out and thankfully missing the live girl since she had been told to get down.

Reunited, the two sisters had a big cry over their other sisters being killed. Now there was one more sister to get.

This last sister didn't want to go with the man. She had been on the run over the years from this madman and she was done running. If he got her, he got her. She even left her husband because she loved him too much to risk having that madman hurt her husband. Her husband still loved her and wanted to be with her. He knew something was wrong. Over the phone, you could hear his concern. He knew she needed help but she refused to include him in whatever was wrong.

The next time this man who along with his family was helping the sisters went to visit the last sister to be rescued, he went with the other girls he had rescued, but they got there too late. Both the latest sister and her visiting husband had been fatally shot.

They knew they were still in danger, the sisters, when the Feds called and reported it couldn't have been this madman all these times, because the madman got transfered to a prison where inmates hated people who sexually abused kids and killed him. So who were they dealing with?

They went to the woman who was in charge of the orphanage when they were younger. They found out who it was. The madman's lookalike son who visited every summer, who obviously holds every single one of them responsible for his father's death.

The man, his family and the sisters orchestrated a plan to get the new madman to them. He had been asking at the homeless shelter about the youngest sister, so they let him believe she had moved back. He was on to them though. He showed up at the family's house.

While talking to them and holding the baby of the sisters with a knife to her throat, he did not know there was someone else there that he couldn't hear or see. Using that to his advantage, the doctor, since he and the ghost could talk in his mind, screamed no when she wanted to use a gun and kill the killer. The doctor told her mentally to dial 911. The killer freaked out when he heard the operator say "911. State your emergency." and yet no one that he saw had dialed the phone. It gave people enough time to sabotage his plans and rescue the baby sister.

The ghost moved on and so did the family and sisters, now connected through not just heart but marriage, thanks to the doctor and youngest sister.
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Aug 31, 2012